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SEICOO CONSTRUCTIONS and DIRECT INSPECT is owned and operatored by Rob Mackenzie who has vast experience in the Queensland building industry, from small renovation projects to the management and construction of high rise projects with major builders. During this time, he has won several awards for the quality and finishes on his projects.

Having seen the need for more personalised service for people wanting to build or renovate their homes, Rob left the big corporate world of commercial and residential builders and pursued his passion, creating a personal building company.  Listening to client’s dreams and needs for their home is central to Rob’s work.  Translating those dreams and requirements into reality on a building site is what he does best.

Rob’s passion and success lies in working closely with clients to build their dream home or renovate their existing home.  You will see first hand throughout the building process the quality of work and the professional approach taken towards achieving his client’s realistic dreams.

To arrange a booking or to discuss any specific requirements, please call 0424 483 466 or email rob@directinspect.com.au.