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Based on the Sunshine Coast, DIRECT INSPECT offers a range of building inspection services to provide clients across South East Queensland with an accurate overview of their property. Whether you need an inspection for identifying faults, ensuring new building work is up to standard or to identify maintenance issues, we are here to help. Following the inspection, we will compile a report that details the areas inspected and our findings related to these areas of your property.

Pre-Purchase Building inspections

A Pre-Purchase Building Inspection is a report carried out before you buy a property. The report will identify significant building defects or problems. We will compare the property inspected with buildings of similar age and construction. With DIRECT INSPECT, you will know immediately if there are any serious building faults. These faults need to be identified before you take ownership so you don’t get hit with expensive repair bills down the track. A Pre-Purchase Inspection is a tiny percentage of the purchase price. This report is extremely valuable when you are negotiating your property’s purchase price and applying for a bank loan. You can be confident when you are signing that you know exactly what you are buying as we have given you written proof of the property’s condition. Our detailed inspections cover all accessible areas of the house.

New Home Handover Reports

A Final or Handover Report is an inexpensive way of ensuring new building work is up to standard. It’s an inspection performed on completion of construction prior to the house being occupied. Renovation or fit-out work should also be inspected on completion as well. Our reports are individually tailored to suit your specific house. The Final Report should be reviewed then a copy of the items that need rectifying given to the builder to address. Once this is done, the builder can repair and complete what is required before you take possession. This process can save a lot of time and money in the future. Once you have taken ownership of the property, it can be quite difficult to rectify these problems.

Maintenance Reports

A Maintenance Report is an inspection of a property to assess it’s condition (as it is on the day of inspection) and to identify any serious maintenance problems which may require urgent repair. The report will detail all maintenance issues that need to be addressed now and potential problems that may occur in the future if no action is taken. When doing this we take into account the condition of all major materials and components.


DIRECT INSPECT operates 7 days a week for your convenience.

To arrange a booking or to discuss any specific requirements, please call 0424 483 466 or email