Wiring cable recalls – has your home been affected?

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Wiring cable recalls – has your home been affected?

In 2013, unused ‘Infinity’ and ‘Olsent’ branded Infinity electrical cables were recalled and their supply prohibited in Queensland after they failed to meet electrical safety standards. The poor quality plastic insulation coating was found to prematurely degrade and become brittle when exposed to high temperatures.

If the insulation becomes brittle and the cables are disturbed, the insulation could break and expose live conductors, resulting in the potential for electric shock and fires. While the risk of physical contact is highest in roof spaces and under raised floors, any cable installed in proximity to heat sources presents a potential issue to include recessed lighting, heaters, ovens, stoves, hot water systems, spas, in-floor heating, air conditioners, gas appliances, flues and chimneys, wood heaters and oil heaters.

In August 2014, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission negotiated a national recall of cable that has already been installed in buildings. As the product was sold or supplied by a range of electrical retailers and wholesalers, it has been estimated up to 40,000 homes, commercial, and residential buildings could be affected nationally.

Obviously, you should not attempt to inspect the cables yourself. We recommend contacting a qualified licenced building inspector to help you determine whether the cables have been installed in your premises, especially if any wiring was carried out on your home or business in Queensland in 2012 to 2013.

Depending on your individual circumstances, you may be entitled to full replacement of the cables or a refund of the installation costs from your builder, electrical contractor or appliance installer.